R. Stephen Hill

Welcome! I’m Stephen Hill, Instructor of Latin at Wyoming Catholic College and Ph.D candidate in Classics at the University of Virginia. As a teacher, I help language learners develop fluency in reading, writing, and speaking ancient Greek and Latin through active communication. As a researcher, I investigate ancient Greek religion in the imperial period; my dissertation focuses on the figure of Heracles in Dio Chrysostom, Lucian, and Philostratus. I previously earned M.A. degrees in Classics (Kentucky) and Teaching English as a Second Language (Illinois).

This site is currently under construction. In the meantime, feel free to visit my academia.edu site or my faculty profile at WCC, or to view my CV.

For questions about Polis Institute summer programs in North America, email stephen.hill12345 AT polisjerusalem12345 DOT org12345 (remove 12345 and replace AT and DOT with the appropriate symbols).